• Love Your Neighbor


Whether you want to donate food, goods or financial support G.C. Hope House, your partnership is very appreciated. It is only through the generosity of our community that G.C. Hope House is able to meet temporary housing needs in Gratiot Country.

For a list to current resources needed for our Transitional Housing and Rotational Housing programs
[CLICK HERE] Or call us at: 989-948-0404

To support G.C. Hope House financially click on the GIVE button below.

You can give one time or setup up automatic (reoccurring) giving.

If you would like to partner with automatic giving; click on the "GIVE" button, then select "SETUP AUTOMATIC GIVING" then choose the frequency "V" of your giving.
Options are as follows: Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Month, 1st & 15th Monthly.

Thank you for your support!