Rules for Guests

The rules apply to both guests and to volunteers; they are designed to help us provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment while preserving individual dignity.

Any violation of these rules may result in a termination of your participation in the GCHH program, whether as a volunteer or as a guest. Please direct any questions to GCHH staff.

  • No smoking, vaping, or tobacco use in the shelter or shelter provided vehicles.
  • Supervised tobacco use/vaping breaks will be provided on an hourly basis following check-in from 8:30-10:30p.m. and from 6:30a.m.-8:30a.m. These breaks will be provided at the bottom of the hour on an hourly basis. Guests must utilize the smoking shelter during this time. Overnight volunteers are asked to refrain from going outside for smoking breaks after 10:30 p.m.  Guests should also keep their voices down in consideration of neighbors while out on these breaks.  Guests must follow State and Federal laws related tobacco use and vaping.

     No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the shelter or on the premises.

  •  No drugs (legal or illegal) or illegal substances are permitted in the shelter or on the premises.
  •  No weapons of any kind are permitted in the shelter, including guns, knives, throwing stars, or anything else staff determines can be used as a weapon..
  •  No abusive/profane language or disruptive behaviors are permitted in the shelter.
  • Sexual harassment or sexual activity will not be tolerated. Sex Offenders are prohibited from the premises.

rules & Procedures for shelter guests

GCHH guests are not permitted to leave any items that do not fit into their assigned tote or under their bed at the shelter.

Following dismissal from GCHH, guest items which are left behind at the shelter will be discarded within 72 hours, unless special permission has been received from GCHH Managers.

Guests must leave the premises from 9a.m.-1p.m. daily. They may stay for services at Restoration 58:12 Church on Sunday mornings if they wish. 

Day Shelter hours are only available to GCHH guests. A guest that has previously utilized GCHH during the current season, but is not currently using it for overnight shelter, is eligible to use the Day Shelter for meaningful, purposeful use. The Day Shelter should be accessed through the Office Entrance at the south side of the building. During Day Shelter hours, guests may NOT congregate outside.  They may step outside to utilize the smoking shelter but should promptly return inside once finished.  They may come and go from the premises as desired.

Once guests have entered the shelter at check-in, they may go outside ONLY for supervised smoking breaks every hour at the bottom of the hour from 7:30 to 10:30p.m. and 6:30 – 8:30a.m. Guests must use the smoking shelter during smoke/vaping breaks.  They may not congregate outside the shelter entries. Guests should also keep their voices down in consideration of neighbors while out on these breaks. 

Transportation - Guests may access their vehicle freely upon leaving the shelter until they check-in that evening.  Following check-in guests are ONLY permitted to access their vehicle when supervised by an GCHH Manager or volunteer supervisor.

Doors are locked at the shelter once the guests have arrived and stay locked until guests are ready to leave the following morning.

Guests are not permitted to collect empty bottles and cans from offsite and store them in the shelter for future recycling. All bottles and cans collected within the shelter should be stored in the proper receptacle in the kitchen for GCHH staff to recycle.

Air mattresses are not permitted in the shelter.

Windows in the doors to sleeping areas are not to be covered without directors’ permission.

Prior to leaving for the day, guests should strip the sheets and pillowcases from their beds every Tuesday mornings for linens to be cleaned.  Volunteers will remake the beds during the day for guests. If guests desire to keep the same blanket it should be folded and placed on top of their tote. 

Men and women, (including married couples), are assigned separate sleeping areas and no one is allowed in the sleeping area of the opposite sex. Families with children will be accommodated if there is room at the shelter.

***Please note that Former shelter guests are eligible to serve as GCHH volunteers starting one year following their dismissal from GCHH.