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    GCHH operates with volunteers from the community who come to the shelter site to act as hosts.  Churches, businesses, clubs, service groups, individuals, or groups of individuals can serve as hosts.

    Our hosts commit to serving the guests of GCHH in a variety of ways including,  providing a hot evening meal, serving as overnight security, and simply being a hospitable presence.

    Your organization can host for one full week (Sunday to Sunday), one day a week day for several weeks, or as your calendar allows.  GCHH assists the hosts by providing staff who will register the guests, performing background checks of guests and of volunteers, and monitoring the shelter a portion of each evening. GCHH also provides the overall administration and coordination of this program.

    For our first season our maximum capacity is 20 individuals.  


    Check-in begins at 6:00 p.m. at the shelter each evening.  All guests must check-in by 7:00 p.m. (specific accommodations can be made for work schedules)

    Guests of the GCHH may utilize the shelter commons during day time hours: 1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

    During this time, GCHH Managers and volunteers will verify that each guest is a current guest of the GCHH program. Guests are not permitted in the sleeping rooms unless accompanied by a volunteer.

    GCHH Managers will conduct background checks on any guest not registered with the GCHH program.

    Guests will be asked to vacate the shelter at 5:30 pm each day so that evening volunteers can prepare for check-in.

    Crisis Seasonal Shelter

    Crisis Seasonal Shelter

    Host Site: St. Louis Church of the Nazarene.

    Meets the Needs of: Those that are deemed “literally homeless”; sleeping outside, in vehicles, etc.

    How It Works: All shelter guests will go through an in-take process. Once we have taken them in as a guest their bed is secured for at least 30 days, given that there are no behavioral issues.

    Each evening our shelter guests will be checked in around 6:00 PM. Churches and other groups or organizations will serve as on-site hosts. Their main responsibilities will be caring for the shelter guests by helping to check them in each night, providing and serving an evening meal, serving as over-night security, laundering guests’ clothes, and helping during the afternoon shelter hours which are 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM.

    All shelter guests must complete a shelter intake prior to the first time they check-in.
    To set up an intake please call the housing hotline at 989-948-0404.

    Guests are encouraged to leave the shelter to look for work and/or other services. This whole process is repeated daily. A church or group can be scheduled to host in a variety of ways, including hosting for a full week, hosting one day of each week for several weeks, or choosing to host on specific dates.

    Our biggest challenge in the Crisis shelter is staffing; we need 2-4 volunteers during day shelter hours, during check-in, and over-night hours. We also need 6-8 volunteers during evening hours to serve meal, fellowship with guests, and pack following day’s sack lunches. Meals should be prepared off-site. If this is not feasible other arrangements can be made. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the above ways, please contact us by phone or email.

    Transitional Housing [Coming 2019]

    Host Site:  St.Louis Nazarene Church

    Meets the Needs Of:  Those that have entered the process to find suitable housing.  They may have already secured jobs or are close to a regular job, or have students in local schools & have exhausted the assistance from local helping agencies [8-Cap, DHS, etc.]. 

    How It Works:  Generally people will have a short-term time frame, working through the local helping agencies to obtain a housing voucher & then locate a place to rent.  The biggest problem is that this can take between 3-6 months.  This is the problem that the Transitional Housing will address, giving people a place to live during that waiting time.

    This solution will have the greatest impact on families that have found themselves in the waiting period.

    This facility would operate like a short-term apartment for the individual or family.

    Our goal is to have the transitional housing center up and running before the end of 2019.

    Housing Rules


    The rules apply to both guests and to volunteers; they are designed to help us provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment while preserving individual dignity.

    Any violation of these rules may result in a termination of your participation in the GCHH program, whether as a volunteer or as a guest. Please direct any questions to GCHH Managers and/or the Shift Leader.

  • • No smoking in the shelter or shelter provided vehicles.
  • • Supervised smoking breaks will be provided on an hourly basis following check-in.
  • • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the shelter.
  • • No drugs (legal or illegal) or illegal substances are permitted in the shelter.
  • • No weapons of any kind are permitted in the shelter.
  • • No abusive/profane language or disruptive behaviors are permitted in the shelter.
  • • Sexual harassment or sexual activity will not be tolerated. Sex Offenders are prohibited from the premises.

    GCHH guests are not permitted to leave any items that do not fit into their assigned tote at the Host Site.

    Following dismissal from GCHH, guest items which are left behind at the shelter will be discarded within 72 hours, unless special permission has been received from GCHH Managers.

    Day Shelter hours are only available to GCHH guests. A guest that has previously utilized GCHH during the current season, but is not currently using it for overnight shelter, is eligible to use the Day Shelter for meaningful, purposeful use.

    Once guests have entered the shelter at check-in, they may go outside ONLY for supervised smoking breaks.

    Transportation - Guests may access their vehicle freely after 8:00 a.m. until they check-in that evening.

    Following check-in guests are ONLY permitted to access their vehicle when supervised by an GCHH Manager or volunteer supervisor.

    Doors are locked at the shelter once the guests have arrived and stay locked until guests are ready to leave the following morning.

    Men and women, (including married couples), are assigned separate sleeping areas and no one is allowed in the sleeping area of the opposite sex. Families with children will be accommodated if there is room at the shelter.

    ***Please note that Former shelter guests are eligible to serve as GCHH volunteers starting one year following their dismissal from GCHH.


    Guest Agreement

    To enroll in the GCHH program and receive assistance, all guests must sign below that they agree to abide by its policies and rules.

    • Consecutive night program.  GCHH is a temporary shelter program for homeless guests.  Guests must stay each evening and remain overnight to hold their place (exceptions can be made with prior Executive Director approval).  During a guest’s time at GCHH, a guest is expected to be seeking housing and working toward self-sufficiency by utilizing local community resources.

    Reviews will be conducted every 30 days with the Executive Director, and a guest may be asked to leave the GCHH program based on the review.  

    • Specific Rules:
      • All guests must sign in each day to utilize the GCHH shelter program.  
      • All guests will be subject to daily bag checks, coat checks et al., and frisking during intake.  
    • All guests over the age of 18 will be subject to a daily breathalyzer test during intake.
    • Men and women, (including married couples), are assigned separate sleeping areas and no one is allowed in the sleeping area of the opposite sex.  Families with children will be accommodated if there is room at the Host Site.
    • All shelter guests must complete a shelter intake prior to the first time they check-in.

      To set up an intake please call the housing hotline at 989-948-0404.
    • After guests have been checked-in at the Intake Center, they are not permitted to leave Intake or the Host Site except for scheduled outdoor smoking breaks.  
    • Medications. All medically urgent prescriptions (inhalers, nitroglycerin, etc.) may be kept by the guest.  All other prescription medications are to be given to the Manager at the shelter. Guests may retrieve any or all medications in the morning before leaving or leave them in the lock box during the day.  Marijuana is not permitted in the shelter. This includes for medicinal purposes.

    • Personal belongings. When a guest enters the program, he or she will be given one tote to store clothing and personal belongings.  This may be safely kept at the shelter if one plans on returning the following night, but cannot be retrieved during the day.  Belongings left at the shelter (not in an assigned tote) not claimed within 72 hours will be disposed of at the discretion of GCHH.

    • Electronic devices: Guests can bring electronic devices (cell phones, IPads, computers, etc.) to the GCHH program to use.  The guest must show respect for the other guests and volunteers when using these devices. Taking photos is prohibited.  Usage is allowed in the sleeping areas if it is not disruptive to other guests. If usage is disruptive, the guest will be asked to give up the device for the night.  GCHH does not assume responsibility for any devices a guest might bring to the GCHH. Do not, under any circumstances, text, email or otherwise disclose the location of the Host Site.

    • Food & Drink.  GCHH provides a lite breakfast and a dinner at the shelter. Guests may keep personal food in either the refrigerators provided in the shelter commons.  All food should be kept in a sealed plastic tote with the guests name on it.

    • Tobacco:  Smoking will be allowed at scheduled, supervised, outdoor breaks at Intake & Host Site after dinner until 10 p.m..  Otherwise smoking is absolutely forbidden at Intake and the Host Site.

    • Transportation.  Guests may access their vehicle during day shelter hours freely and ONLY when supervised by an GCHH Manager or volunteer host following check-in until 8:00 a.m. the following day.

    • Personal injury and theft.  The GCHH program does not assume responsibility for personal injury to guests or theft of their belongings.  

    • Children.  Children are welcome, but parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their children at all times.  Children under twelve must have their use of the bathroom monitored by their parents. No unaccompanied minors will be accepted into GCHH.  They will be referred to Child Protective Services.

    • Day Shelter Hours:  All the rules of the Shelter are the same during Day Shelter hours except that guests may come and go as they please between 1:00 p.m.--5:30 p.m..