guest agreement

Upon intake, guests will be asked to sign the following Guest Agreement:

Guest Agreement


To enroll in the GCHH program and receive assistance, all guests must sign below that they agree to abide by its policies and rules.


  1. Consecutive night programGCHH is a temporary shelter program for homeless guests.  Guests must stay each evening and remain overnight to hold their place.  During a guest’s time at GCHH, a guest is expected to be seeking housing and working toward self-sufficiency by utilizing local community resources. Reviews will be conducted every 30 days with the Case Management Team, and a guest may be asked to leave the GCHH program based on the review. 

       2. Specific Rules:

    1. All guests must sign in each day to utilize the GCHH shelter program. 
    2. All guests must leave the premises daily from 9a.m. – 1p.m..  On Sunday guests are welcome to remain on the premises and attend worship services at Restoration 58:12 Church if they wish.
    3. All guests will be subject to daily bag checks, coat checks, etc., and contactless, visual search during check in. 
    4. Unless assigned to a family room, men and women are assigned separate sleeping areas. No one is allowed in the sleeping area of the opposite gender. 
    5. After guests have been checked-in at the shelter, they are not permitted to leave except for scheduled outdoor smoking breaks.  Clients who leave shelter (except for the scheduled outdoor smoking breaks) will not be able to return until the next evening.
    6.  No smoking, no vaping, no alcoholic beverages, no drugs (legal or illegal) or illegal substances, no weapons of any kind, no abusive/profane language or disruptive behaviors, no sexual harassment or sexual activity, & no pets (with the exception of service animals) will be permitted in the shelter or on the premises.  Tobacco use/vaping is permitted in the designated area only.
    7. Fighting and arguing will not be tolerated and can result in removal from the shelter.
    8. Guests are not permitted to collect empty bottles and cans from offsite and store them in the shelter for future recycling. All bottles and cans collected within the shelter should be stored in the proper receptacle in the kitchen for GCHH staff to recycle.
    9. Air mattresses are not permitted in the shelter.
    10. Windows in the doors to sleeping areas are not to be covered without directors’ permission.


  1. Medications. All medically urgent prescriptions (inhalers, nitroglycerin, etc.) may be kept by the guest.  All other prescription medications are to be given to the Manager at the shelter.  Guests may retrieve any or all medications in the morning before leaving or leave them in the lock box during the day.  Marijuana is not permitted in the shelter.  This includes for medicinal purposes.


  1. Personal belongings. When a guest enters the program, he or she will be given one tote to store clothing and personal belongings.  This may be safely kept at the shelter if one plans on returning the following night but cannot be retrieved during the day. Guests will not move, touch, or take the property of another guest without permission. Belongings left at the shelter (not in an assigned tote) not claimed within 72 hours will be disposed of at the discretion of GCHH. Guests are encouraged to keep sleeping areas tidy and respect the space of other guests.


  1. Electronic devices: Guests can bring electronic devices (cell phones, iPads, computers, etc.) to the GCHH program to use.  The guest must show respect for the other guests and volunteers when using these devices.  Taking photos is prohibited.  Usage is allowed in the sleeping areas if it is not disruptive to other guests.  If usage is disruptive, the guest will be asked to give up the device for the night.  GCHH does not assume responsibility for any devices a guest might bring to the GCHH.  Viewing of pornography or sexually explicit material is banned on and within church property where the shelter is located.


  1. Food & Drink.  GCHH provides a lite breakfast and a dinner at the shelter. Guests may keep personal food in either of the refrigerators provided in the Gathering Place.  All food should be kept in a sealed plastic tote with the guest’s name on it.


  1. Tobacco/Vaping:  Tobacco use/vaping will be allowed at scheduled, supervised, outdoor breaks at the shelter from 7:30p.m. to 10:30p.m. and from 6:30 to 8:30a.m. every hour at the bottom of the hour. The smoking shelter must be utilized during smoking breaks.  Guests are not permitted to congregate at shelter entries.  During Day Shelter hours guests may step outside to utilize the smoking shelter as desired, but should not congregate outside.  Otherwise, tobacco use or vaping is absolutely forbidden in the shelter.


  1. Transportation.  Guests may access their vehicle during day shelter hours freely and ONLY when supervised by an GCHH Manager or volunteer host following check-in until they leave the shelter the following day.


  1. Personal injury and theft.  The GCHH program does not assume responsibility for personal injury to guests or theft of their belongings. 


  1. Children.  Children are welcome, but parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their children at all times.  No unaccompanied minors will be accepted into GCHH.  They will be referred to Interlink Transitional Housing Program of Saginaw. Physical discipline of children is prohibited in the shelter or on the premises.  Children in diapers should be changed in the family room only.  Soiled diapers should be removed from the shelter and thrown away in the dumpster daily.


  1. Day Shelter Hours:  All the rules of the Shelter are the same during Day Shelter hours except that guest may come and go as they please from the premises between 1:00 p.m.--5:30 p.m., but may not congregate outside except to use the smoking shelter and then promptly return to the Day Shelter.